Nigerian Couple Who Met Through Social Media In The US Wed. (photos) 

The power of social media can not be over-

emphasized. A newly wed lady identified as

Chinyelu has revealed how she met her

heartthrob/husband Ifeanyi via social media in the

United State. According to her, Ifeanyi was going

through his social media account when he saw her

lovely photos on one of his friend’s pages. He

was mesmerized and decided to drop her a

message. Read what she shared below;

It was truly unexpected for me to meet Ifeanyi. I

had just moved to Atlanta, GA and was at a

point in my life where I wanted to focus on

myself and get adjusted to my new city. All of

my friends and family knew that I didn’t care for

blind dates. So, if they wanted me to meet

someone, I told them to have them contact me

via social media. That way, I can see his picture

and decide if I wanted to respond or not. On

August 4, 2014, I received a message from

Ifeanyi who is a great friend of one of my

bridesmaids. He saw a picture of me and my good

friend, and thought I was beautiful.

It wasn’t until he told me he was a University

of Miami Hurricanes fan (my college’s rival) that

I became intrigued. I ran track at Florida State

University and love my alma mater, so why would

anyone want to be a University of Miami fan? I

clearly had to find out why. Since then, we

continued to message each other back and forth

and I was starting to like what I saw in his


After a while, we decided to talk on the phone

and our conversations then became even more

heartfelt and meaningful. In November, while I

was visiting family and friends in Houston, he

arranged for us to meet at Fish and The Knife,

a beautiful sushi restaurant and lounge.

Dinner was amazing and throughout the night I

saw he had an amazing smile. After our first

date, we traveled back and forth between Houston

and Atlanta so that we could see each other at

least twice a month. With every conversation and

every visit, I saw myself falling more and more

for this man. His words, his smile, his heart, and

the way he looked at me, made me feel so

special that I knew he was the one for me. That

December, we had an amazing date at Sweet

Georgia’s Juke Joint in Atlanta, GA. With jazz

music filling the air, he told me how special I

was to him and how much I meant to him. He

told me he has never met anyone like me before

and could see himself spending the rest of his

life with me. It was at that point that he truly

touched my heart. I had this wonderful feeling

within and right then, I knew I was in love.


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