Family of slain undergraduate accuses Police of complicity

UMUAHIA—THE family of Mr. Emmanuel Uwagbaokwu of Ohobo Afara in Umuahia North local government area of Abia State has accused the state police command of killing their 21-year- old undergraduate son, Ikechukwu Vincent Uwagbaokwu.
Consequently, the family cried out to the Inspector General of Police to order a thorough investigation of the alleged police murder.
Ikechukwu was until his tragic death, a student of Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo, in Ohaji-Egbema Local Government Area.
Uwagbaokwu family is accusing Abia State police command of being used by certain families it currently had a case of land dispute with to kill their son.
Ikechukwu was gruesomely murdered in the family house five days to a date fixed by Ibeku Okonko Arbitration Panel to resolve the land dispute and the Uwagbaokwu family is pointing accusing fingers at the rival families in the land dispute.
According to a petition to the Abia State Commissioner of Police, Uwagbaokwu family hinged their suspicion on an alleged threat from one of the rival families.
The family in the petition written by their lawyer, Godwin Oriaku of Overcome’s Chambers, alleged that prior to the killing of Ikechukwu, there had been threats issued on several occasions.
The petition also alleged that one of the rival families that lost a member, accused Uwagbaokwu family of being behind his death and allegedly warned that they would revenge the death. The petition read: “On September 10, 2015, Mr. Ikechukwu Vincent Uwagbaokwu, a Marketing Student of Imo Polytechnic went to bed at about 9.00pm but at about 10.50pm there was persistent banging on the door of the family house of the Uwagbaokwu.
“When Mr. Anthony Uwagbaokwe (elder brother of deceased) came out to see who was banging on their door, lo and behold, there were about ten fierce men in Police uniform who had taken strategic positions around the house.
“One of the men in uniform, who came with Hilux pick up van and another with black Camry saloon car, hit the door of another occupant of the house and forced it open. When the occupant came out, the men in Police uniform, who refused to identify themselves, said that he was not the person that they were looking for.
” The Commissioner of Police, Joshak Habila, in a telephone chat with Vanguard, could neither confirm nor deny the incident. He, however, urged the members of the family to see him in the office if they had such allegation, saying the command would not cover or protect any policeman involved in extra-judicial killing. But the family lawyer, Godwin Oriaku, insisted that the police commissioner already had a copy of the petition and had directed the CID department to investigate. In fact, Oriaku disclosed that four suspects had been arrested but alleged that the Ehimiri DPO was still shielding the alleged killer cop even as he said that his clients would demand for a thorough autopsy to determine the type of bullet that killed their son.

Source: Vanguard


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